Research by independent consultants have found that increasing visitor numbers are having the following impacts on the SAC:

  • Widening and erosion of the paths;
  • Disturbing of wildlife, with some visitors trampling on invertebrate nest sites, spreading diseases (i.e. phytophora);
  • Fragmenting habitats through creating new ‘desire lines’ & paths;
  • Littering on the SAC;
  • Enriching the soil nutrients through dog fouling (eutrophication).

With increased housing development near Cannock Chase and a growing human population, the number of people visiting Cannock Chase is likely to increase between 15% – 20% by 2026. With careful management, there will be space for everyone to enjoy the open air and natural beauty of Cannock Chase – even with a growing local population.

To safeguard the future of Cannock Chase for both wildlife and people we need to improve the visitor infrastructure (such as car parks, footpaths and visitor centres) as soon as possible so we can continue to enjoy the Chase, and wildlife can continue to thrive. We also need to raise awareness and understanding of the vital role visitors can play in protecting this special area.

To make this happen funding has been collected from new housing developments built near Cannock Chase, solely to be used to improve the Chase’s visitor infrastructure, provide information and work with site users to help protect the site

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