Improving our footpath network

We have looked at our footpaths and bridleways across Cannock Chase’s heathlands and the existing rights of way are getting wider, and more informal paths are being created all the time. This means we are losing the wild landscapes of Cannock Chase and there are less and less undisturbed places for our most endangered species to live and raise their young.

We need to encourage visitors to stay on the paths and not make new paths – this will help to protect the heathland and the other precious habitats. We hope to do this in a number of ways such as:

  • repairing and improving our existing footpaths so they don’t get muddy or erode
  • installing better signage so people don’t get lost
  • better environmental education
  • better marked circular routes from the main car parking locations
  • rationalising the footpath network to reduce the number of informal paths.

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