• These plans do not restrict access. Much of Cannock Chase is public access land which it will always remain. People have a right to roam on foot; however this does not cover the whole of the Chase and does not extend to people on cycles, horses or vehicles.
  • This project aims to improve access, including better disabled provision, whilst ensuring the site is robust enough to handle the increase in numbers.
  • It is illegal to block access to any statutory rights of way (unless there are exceptions for emergencies or maintenance).

New path creation

  • Desire lines are unofficial routes created by visitors. They are not legally recognised and often are created gradually overtime by people exploring the site.
  • However, these desire lines often split up very sensitive habitats. Creation and use of unofficial paths can significantly harm protected plants, cause disturbance to rare nesting species, and interfere with the numerous archaeological features.
  • Before travelling, new visitors are urged to look online and use available maps or contact the visitor centres. Whilst on site, visitors are encouraged to keep to the existing footpath network.