These plans have taken over 2 years to produce. Expert, independent consultants were hired to review all previous evidence and reports, going back 40 years, before suggesting the proposed plans.

The plans only suggest mitigation based on evidence and data gathered and cannot be overly influenced by personal opinion. They cannot suggest work which will cause ecological harm.

The consultants recommended an up-to-date visitor survey is conducted which took place over summer, autumn and winter of 2018. Interviews on the ground were conducted at 20 locations, over 520 hours, totalling 988 people and groups. Survey spots included Birches Valley, Marquis Drive, Seven Springs, Duffields, x3 locations on Chase Road, Milford Common, Penkridge Bank, Whitehouse.

Cannock Chase now has one of the most robust evidence bases in the country. All previous reports, studies, surveys and monitoring results were taken into account during the creation of these plans – including public opinion from the 2018 survey and 2019 consultation.

These documents are available on the downloads page of the consultation website.