A huge evidence base has been collected over two+ years which also considers the last 40 years worth of evidence and reporting on Cannock Chase. This includes a review of previous recommendations; extensive interviews with all main landowners; around 1,000 interviews with members of the public as part of on-site visitor survey; responses from an online consultation, extensive mapping and auditing of Cannock Chase’s footpaths, car parks and the existing resources of its 6 visitor centres.

The final plans represent mitigation. They set out how the money collected from new developments could be spent by the main landowners to improve access and recreational use without compromising the nature conservation, landscape and natural beauty, archaeological, geological and historic interests. The suggestions are not legally binding; they identify where funding will be made available by the SAC Partnership to assist the landowners to make the improvements should they wish to do so.

It is recommended you view the documents to understand the evidence base under-pinning these suggestions.